Arabian Nights

Arabian Nights


This Flavored Black & Green Tea combination is a vibrant bouquet of Arabian Scents, Spiced up with Hint of Aromas from One Thousand- and 1-Nights Tales.

It has full bodied mouthfeel with warm spices and vanilla flavors.

This assorted Aroma is a result of black and green tea combination, oregano, date bits, cinnamon, ginger bits, rose petals, lavender flowers, citrus peels, vanilla bits, cardamom

Arabian Nights

Brewing Instructions


10 Grs Tea

TEMP: 100°C

Steep: 3—5 mins



400 ml water

10 Grs Tea

TEMP: 100°C

Steep: 3—5 mins


As it is a combination of both Black and Green Teas, it carries the benefits of both. The Spices in turn, provide natural remedies, including, and not limited to:

Contains a wealth of vitamins, minerals and other antioxidants, which help combat free radicals in the body

Vanilla reduces startle reflexes and also provides some relief from sleep apnea

Aiding digestion, boosting immunity and even enabling weight loss

Improves the Skin health with effects on structural skin proteins called elastin and collagen

Cardamom has several healing properties which include Protection from Chronic Diseases, as well as help with Digestive Problems, Including Ulcers and many more

Ginger relieves nausea

Lavender improves mood disorders and boosts sleep

Reduces the risk of developing type-2 diabetes.

Cinnamon lowers blood sugar levels

Arabian Nights

82.16 AED - 130 AED

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